Prologue: Clearly Blue Sky

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Here’s the prologue.

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Clearly blue sky, constantly gentle wind. Crystal blue of the sea surface with gleaming reflection of the wave! It’s a calm weather indeed. The sun lazily sets in the horizon of the sea. It seems as if it is just a quiet afternoon.

However, in the sky, the aircraft in the scene playing out at this time is but a thrilling picture.
Snow white windbreaker creates a disorder force. A pair of sharp eyes that can shake people mind is shining like luster stars. Standing proudly in the wind is a woman with beautifully breath-taking sneering smile, but ugly to the extreme!

A beautiful posture being like an immortal, but the face is full of grim horror of round after round scars. So ugly! Yet, in such an environment, few people minutely see how actually she looked.
As the sky above the foot of the aircraft blend in, she looks like a precious sculpture gem statue. Standing lazily on the wing, stunning the people with that mysterious smile, sitting and looking proud into the sky as if between heaven and earth, there’s nothing else besides herself.

“Liu Yun Kuang!” Suddenly a stern voice snaps across the sky, like a thunder, frightening the flying birds around.

“Don’t think you’re safe fleeing here! You don’t forget what our family is, do you? 丧家之犬也敢现于人前, today although you have the wings, it is also difficult to fly!”

“What are you laughing at? You still can laugh? Humph, don’t even mention you as a disable person. Even if our elders of the first company in the world of ancient weapons fall from this height, they also meet the same dead end!”. 依然是刚刚那道声音, not know how immense the universe is, the girl in red brag out while leaning against the window of the aircraft.

“What’s more, do you think the four elders around you are just for show? Even if you had wings, they also can give me a nice dead you.”

Disdaining shadow in the eyes looks more obvious. Liu Yun Kuang lightly hummed, and sighed with mocking lip to reveal no secret: “I really don’t understand ah. A woman like you with big chest, but no brain, how would I in the beginning care so much? Looking back now, it is really a ridiculous shame.”

“You …… What did you say? I see you ……” Girl in red was furious. Her opened eyes glared deadly. Being resented by that, an old man on the wing yelled and suddenly uttered a deep sight.

“Wei Er, shut up!”

Several old men do not like the red girl who is so mindless. At the moment, each of them is sombre, on guard, and trembling in the wind. The elders know! From what they see, this woman never do anything without a calculated plan. It must be the world shocking plan! And now she appears here, there’s only one reason.
She has prepared a foolproof! All people can aboard the private plane and prepare to go to hell! It means that from the point of view of her past, it is likely to have a large number of high explosives.
The elder’s eyes flash of regret. Five years since then, enough for them to regret his decision.

“Didn’t dig up the roots after cutting the grass in spring. You regret not to kill me, right?” Seeming to know what they are thinking, with a cold smile, Liu Yun kuang stands in the wind. Whistling ear ringing, in the nine miles above the sky, not even a little response had appeared.

Her eyes concentrate on the distant clouds, slightly squinting, recalling the past memories.
Five years ago was Liu Yun Kuang’s famous time. Her grace scared evil people of the world. Being born as a beautiful, and powerful girl in the ancient martial art of today’s high respective family. In the three generations, no one among any of them were powerful and talented as her. She was known as Liu’s character family whom was never met once in a thousand years till then.

As the main House younger brother’s daughter, Liu Yun Kuang didn’t think it’s good luck to be the first heir child. The child will be subjected to a rigorous training, but she was extremely intelligent. At fifteen years old, she broke the seventh tactics shaking weight, an exhibition on the family Ling Li Feng Hua ( swift and fierce attack with talented and elegant move). Since then she had climbed to the peak of life. Among the younger generation, she had become one of the family’s most prominent figures.
Her beauty attracted the whole family men to contend for her crazily.
Her powerful strength made the whole family stunned.
Liu Yun Kuang was young and capable and wasn’t inexperienced. She was highly intelligent, but she never thought the world’s most fearsome martial arts wasn’t the great power, yet the trap made by greedy people.

In her famous time, Liu Yun Kuang was the first child of the family, an heir girl! Some people, under provocation, in order to keep the status of his first successor, of course, did something.

Liu Yun Kuang remembers very clearly. That day, she had always been well with her sisters and brothers. With a sweet smile, she ate some of the rare and precious food, but when she took a bite of it, she fainted, and then after waking up, by her side it turned out to be two dead bodies. Her hands are holding the clan family treasure, shaking the sword.
Those two bodies were her parents! When her heart palpitated, at the door, there was suddenly a group of people broke in. She still cannot forget it when the cold red girl was smiling dazzlingly ……

That cannot be ended by any other explanations, the matricide and patricide for family treasures. After the conspiracy, she was taken away martial arts, muddy thrown into the streets of Hong Kong. Later, a group of people secretly appeared, clutching the hands of a lot of sharp blades ……

That dark time is able to overwhelm any lonely person. So at a random glance, Liu family did not see any eye-sore in the little ant and not completely killed it. Certainly they didn’t think that the one without martial arts can give them any troubles.
However, Liu Yun Kuang is not willing to die. No!!!!

Losing power, being disfigured, trampling, being humiliated, suffering hunger and coldness, and having tasted the bitterness of this world. This hellish life had almost rubbed off the arrogance of one’s heart for most people in the bottom of the environment she stayed, yet her heart was still proud as before.
Smart as she was, at the moment seeing Liu Wei Er, she had a sharp mind; she cannot die anyway. She wants revenge! Not only for her parents, but also for herself! Even if it is an empty wish with patience, as long as she is herself, she will certainly have a chance for revenge!

After a three-year life of begging on the streets, and finally re-gathered together the first heavy shaking tactics skill. Just as she got up from the streets of the dirty soil, that moment, revenge did began.
She crawled out from hell. Human being through the impermanence of things, their minds become more mature and stronger.

With cold cruel method, she slowly developed her own group of forces.
The sophisticated calculations and the great design of one trap after another in the word family of Liu Family, the children have mysteriously died. Two years later, the elders finally are no longer able to bear it. The family decided to convene an elite Sky Conference, so many family experts showing up should not be any surprises.
However, no one has thought that, from the beginning, Liu Yun Kuang’s purpose is to force them to convene the Sky Conference. Imagine it! Under such a well prepared plan, how can she not come here?

Four elders are not fools. When they see this woman suddenly appears arrogantly as what she must move the hands and feet on the aircraft, and must hold a determination to die. She comes here for only one purpose today – to die together??
That short-sighted hateful junior in the family, even with such courage, this crazy horrible cynicism woman, is it not clear yet to put a death wish?
Such a woman can forbear three years in hell. One can put them in less than two years. The first family of ancient weapons to force the woman to this point now, is it not terrible?

“Yun Kuang, we can sit down and talk, right?” , said a middle-aged man with genial smile. That smile is like to see the kind of kin relatives.
Fainting laugh a cry, Liu Yun Kuang’s cold eyes filled with mocking, glancing over his face which is somewhat similar to her, a tale of a wisp of discourse joking: “What do you want to say?”

“In the past we did not treasure thing like it really was, so that you had suffered a grievance. Uncle also intends to apologize to you. After all, we’re one family. Now you’ve grown up. This family welcomes you back. I promise in the name of the main house, from now on, the family certainly will not do you any harm, and your life will be like a star family elders. Never have again been suffering! ” A middle-aged man whom in a glance of an eye showing eager, regaling said, evidently. He also see the seriousness of the matter, this throws a big pie.

Everyone in the aircraft severely uttered neat suction, a star elder ah! This life is really enough to live comfortably. It is the best over the level of luxury living. Each one of a star of elders is among the family to be able to make a significant contribution, to be granted once the master of the house which is publicly announced, no slightest careless ah!
Such condition gives a martial artist deposedly looks horrible, very envious.
Slightly surprised for a moment, Liu Yun Kuang, over the hideous face, exposed the color of consternation, turning in a flash of laugh, as if to hear the world best joke.
Star elders? Good condition, really good condition ah!

“Little girl! House Main door is opened in front of you, don’t you want that door?” Being surrounded by her two elders whose eyes are full of anxiety.

No care about two elders, Liu Yun Kuang narrowed her eyes on this unique face regarded as beautiful, and clever. These pair of extraordinary elongated eyes stare at the middle-aged man and slowly go to the window as if to find the trace of the venomous snake: “I haven’t found it’s true or not yet. However, from those packs of lies years ago, I will not believe you. Now, you still have the face to utter these words?”

Star elder status would be able to buy everything she had suffered? Will it be able to buy back her parents’ lives? Will it be able to buy back the time she was abandoned and treated badly by those cold-hearted relatives?

Go to dream!

Four elders’ faces start to dry. They certainly understand well when Liu Yun Kuang charges in with nothing but a joke among the family. In reality, it is the master of the house to worry about this.

“A pleasure life? Not to worry about food and clothes? Fame, fortune, power and influence? Ha ha, you thought I, Liu Yun Kuang value those things highly?”

Again, the crazy laughter could be heard, distorting the face almost completely covered by scars. How many years she had tolerated before she had the courage to see it?
Even if you flatter and curry favor with everyone, once you fall into the abyss, they will be all too eager to step on you, including those closest to you who claim to be “good brothers and sisters”. Who knows how they mercilessly mock and ridicule you behind your back? (T/N:the last part I’m not sure about)

Her clear and melodious voice was like that one of the nine demons spirits:
“I know you let me settle the plots among my family members to murder one another just to teach me that only those who strive to be strong will survive and rise up in the world; as for why I have come this far, is to thank uncles for doing so, hehe, well…”

Narrowing her strangely fascinating eyes that possessed a beautiful radiance, Liu Yun Kuang said mischievously: “I did not come here today to die with you.”

Several aircrafts and the owners are almost simultaneously hesitated, not to perish together? At this moment, everyone is almost relieved.

But the next moment, they can only have ashen faces.
Stepping on the wind, marching on the clouds, a woman in white clothes unexpectedly open her lips, exposing a row of white teeth. The carelessness in a moment before suddenly give a clear answer.

“You …… !!”
Panic, fear, resentment,… All the negative emotions instantly surrounded the air.
“Ha ha ha … I have come to look at how you die!”
That lunatic laughter came from under the clear blue sky again with the proud contempt, sending the laughing sound into the highest heaven, long triumphantly, and lingering.
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …… !!!!”

On a blue sunny day in a flowering land, black clouds and explosions of sound instantly filled the entire sky and ocean …

The perturbation in her dying body creates an illusion. Obviously coming close to death, Liu Yun Kuang’s feeling at this time is about her own life. In this life she has never been happy. It’s like the thrill of revenge was reaching a poison poppy, losing its way, circling in the chest, as if to ask what was missing, but she does not regret this committment.
Showing crazy laugher, her eyes are never that calm and indifferent. Eventually she uttered a barely audible sigh.

It could be crazy; it might be called stupid, but no matter what others think, it doesn’t concern her. She couldn’t easily rest and let those who hurt her enjoy pleasure lives.
Even if the price of revenge is self-destruction, the arrogance and conceit in the bones will never allow myself to swallow down.

That is just her arrogance, a world of Liu Yun Kuang.
A fall almost reached a terrible point. Looking down casually, the blue sea can still be seen. From that height, one will fall into the sea and hit the concrete down. It doesn’t make a difference. She’s going to die. Even though she never believes in reincarnation, deep in Liu Yun Kuang’s heart, she cannot help but still fancy it to come.

This life, it’s too bitter, too difficult, and too tired. If it’s possible, she’d really want to return back to live this life again, putting down the goal in life, and hatred, and live it again. She’d no longer be bullied by others’ fools and never always bows her head to other people either.

If I reincarnated, I’d…

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Yun Kuang (云狂) Introduction

image Hello everyone, I came across this novel called Yun Kuang literally translated as Wild Cloud. I’m sorry if I’m wrong because I’m only a beginner in Chinese. Anyway, since I’ve read many translation of Chinese Novels, I’d like to share the effort with the translator team. Hence, I decide to try this novel with 202 chapters in length. I hope I can do it eventually since this is my vacation. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this novel.

Here is the Introduction:

The protagonist is Liu Yun Kuang, the only son of the Liu family, one of the prestigious family in the world. He is the number one playboy of Chu Jing, but that womanizer has full knowledge of chess, poetry, painting, music and dancing. Moreover he is the super genius on the land. However, the most surprising secret is that womanizer is actually a woman dressing in men suit instead.

Actually it’s another time-travel stories, so I hope it’d be fun as well.